The mission of the Township of Franklin Department of Public Works is to provide for the efficient, safe and environmentally sound collection and disposal of solid waste and recyclables. In order to accomplish this mission the Township has adopted various policies by ordinance. The following guidelines summarize Franklin Township’s trash collection policies.

Please place all waste in Township provided container. Store containers in a protected area. No other containers will be picked up.

All trash must be placed in closed plastic bags in the Township container. Loose bags placed outside of the container will not be picked up.

Do not dispose of the following items: construction materials, animal waste, concrete, lumber, wooden pallets, batteries, motor oil or other fluids, vegetative waste, medical bio-hazardous waste, any recyclable materials.

Absolutely NO flammable materials (alcohol, ammonia, fuels, etc.) are to be included with your household trash. The Gloucester County Improvement Authority has a hazardous waste cleanup day eight times a year. The dates and locations are available by calling public works at 856-694-3155.

Place your trash at the curb no later than 6:00 AM on the day of pickup, but no earlier than the day before pickup. Trash and recycling containers must be off the curb by sundown of the day following collection.

Bulk trash is collected on Friday’s depending on your trash day. Please refer to your calendars that are provided by the Township in January or call Public Works at 856-694-3155. Place metal items at the street where our trucks can reach them without entering onto your property. Please be aware that with adoption the the trash ordinance in 2001 there are now fines for littering, dumping of trash and burning of trash. If you observe anyone engaging in these illegal activities call the Department of Public Works at 856-694-3155.

The trash ordinance allows for limited pickup of small business waste. Please call the Department of Public Works to schedule business trash pickups. Businesses must recycle, to be eligible for pickup. Trash will be limited to one 96-gallon container.

Your cooperation and support is critical to the safe, efficient and economical collection and disposal of solid waste. Thank you for your help. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please call the Franklin Township Department of Public Works at 856-694-3155.